WhatsApp chats are getting a new power this week, with users now able to pin their chats and not just the contacts on their main feed. WhatsApp users have had the option to Pin contacts to the top for a long time, but now the messaging app is giving them the pinning option in one-to-one chats or group chats. “With pinned messages, you can easily highlight important messages in group or 1:1 chats. This helps save users time so they can find timely messages more easily,” WhatsApp explains in its blog post.The good thing about the new feature is that you can pin messages like text, poll, images, and emojis as well. The messaging app will keep these pinned chats end-to-end encrypted like all the other messages on the app.WhatsApp continues to add new features for its users that in some ways helps people engaged on the platform and also brings new ones to the world of WhatsApp. Channels is another addition in recent times which could become a possible avenue for WhatsApp and Meta to make money in the near future. Coming back to the pin chats, WhatsApp is giving people the option to set a limit for how long they want that one chat at the top of their screen.WHATSAPP PIN CHAT FEATURE: HOW IT WORKSWhatsApp Pin message feature is easy to use and anyone can do it with the latest update of the messaging app.– WhatsApp users can long-press on any chat– Click on Pin from the three-dot menu– WhatsApp will ask how long you want the chat to be pinned– You can select from 24 hours, 7 days or 30 daysWhatsApp is keeping 7 days or one week as the default choice. When it comes to group chats on WhatsApp, the pin feature is available to the group admin who can decide if all the group members can pin a message or only the admins will have that power. WhatsApp is bringing the pin message feature to all users and you can try it out on Android, iOS and even the web/desktop version.