Teachers are forces of incredible creativity. We stand in awe of their engaging lessons. The strategies they create to reach every student. And now, their teacher glamour shots.

You remember them. (Or if you don’t remember them, you’ve probably seen them online.) Teased hair. Special jackets. Soft lighting. Awkward hand placement on a sibling or parent per the photographer’s creative direction.

Kindergarten teacher and content creator Lindsey Vela of @lessonplansandvans posted this TikTok recently of her teaching team’s recent foray into glamour photography. And let me tell you: We can’t get enough.

Check it out for yourself:

How fun is this?

What we love about these teacher glamour shots:

The awkward hand on the shoulder

Anyone who has sat for a church directory, Sear’s, or other professional photo in the 1990s can feel the pain. Nailed it.

This is an activity any team can get behind

This didn’t demand elaborate costumes, expensive props, or time-consuming details. Everyone has something in their closet they can use for glamour shots, whether you go denim like Lindsey’s team, pop the collar of a leather jacket, or just throw a feather boa into the mix.

It’s fun for the sake of being fun

Teachers work unbelievably hard to make things fun for their students. But what I love about this team is that they did something fun for themselves. Adults need play, too!

It spreads the cheer school-wide

We love that they gave these photos as a gift to their principal and printed postcards for each teacher mailbox.

What other people are saying about Lindsey’s teacher glamour shots:

To no one’s surprise, TikTok loves these teacher glamour shots. Here are just a few of the comments applauding Lindsey and her team:

Via TikTok

Poster size is the only way.

Via TikTok

Perhaps all your team needs is a glamour-shots bonding experience!

Via TikTok

We’re right there with you, James.

Teacher glamour shots have so many possibilities beyond a principal Christmas gift. Yearbook portraits, anyone?

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