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A First Aid Beauty KP Bump Eraser Body Scrub

See why one reviewer loves it on TikTok!

BuzzFeed Shopping’s Ciera Velarde says: “I’ve had keratosis pilaris since I was a teenager (it’s especially bad on my thighs), and after trying dozens of products to treat it with no luck, this magical product is the only thing that’s truly worked for me. I usually use this once a week for maintenance, but in the winter if I notice a flare-ups and I get have drier, rougher, bumpier skin, I use this twice a week, and any flare-ups disappear within the week. I scrub it over my thighs and then actually let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing it off. I have notorious sensitive skin, and I’ve never had an issue with this before. It’s truly the best product out there for any fellow KP sufferers out there!

Promising review: “I saw this on TikTok and Instagram. I decided to try it and it really works. I used it on my thighs and upper arms. I noticed a difference the first time and even more the second time!!! Fabulous product. Worth every penny.” — Launa

A jar of internet-famous The Pink Stuff

Check out yours truly using it three ways on TikTok!

BuzzFeed Shopping writer Brittany Ross says: “After seeing countless videos on cleaning TikTok that raved about The Pink Stuff, I knew I had to try it out on my stained, grime-coated sheet tray. I mean, if it could make a dent in that, I’d probably believe in magic. Well, I started scrubbing one corner as a test, and lo and behold, the difference was nothing short of DRAMATIC (check out my TikTok for proof!). And I didn’t even have to scrub very hard, though as someone with ~minimal~ upper body strength, I doubt any force I could physically apply would even constitute as heavy scrubbing. At any rate, it worked so well that I tried it on a pair of dirty tennis shoes and a blue stain that had been singed onto my toaster oven for months, and, yup, it worked. I will say, if you want your sheet trays to look brand spankin’ new, you might need one of those cleaning scraper tools to get every last bit off, but as far as general stain removal goes, consider me a FAN.”

Promising review: “This is a MIRACLE worker! We’ve had a bath crayon stain on our tub for over two weeks and tried everything to remove it. Magic Eraser didn’t even do the job! I let this paste sit for about 15 minutes and with warm water and some scrubbing it’s GONE! HIGHLY recommend this product!” — M_H

A downright magical veggie chopper

Watch someone effortlessly chop a bunch of vegetables with it on TikTok!

Promising review:Best chopper I’ve used! It’s super sturdy, cutting onions especially is super easy, even though they have a really hard and waxy skin. My Vidalia chopper failed in less than five uses. And it took so much strength and pressure from me to chop the onions. The blades were blunt. This chopper is the answer to my prayers. The blades are super sharp, and because of this, they have safety features too! Everything can come apart easily, and put back together. So putting it in the dishwasher takes no effort!” — SummerBreeze

A time-saving Oxo Tot grape cutter

See why one parent on TikTok loves it! Oh, and it’s not just for grapes! It’s also perfect for cherry tomatoes, berries and olives, and many reviewers say it works on a variety of fruits.

Promising review: “When we went to search Amazon for ‘grape cutters,’ I was worried that we may have hit rock bottom. It doesn’t get more simple than slicing a freaking grape. I mean it’s not difficult, doesn’t take an enormous amount of time, and isn’t even really that inconvenient (at least no more than cutting any other toddler food)…yet, my wife and I found ourselves dreading the process every time our daughter wanted a handful of grapes. We bought this little gadget with low expectations and fully anticipated using it two times before throwing it in our kitchen drawer where it would inevitably sit for a year before we threw it away. Boy were we wrong. It only took one use before we realized that what we thought would be another useless novelty, was actually a parent’s HOLY GRAIL of food preparation. No joke, I literally used it the other day to cut THREE grapes for MYSELF, just for the enjoyment. I only take time to write reviews on products that I feel are truly worth my time to endorse, and this little gadget was more than worthy. If your little one enjoys eating grapes, do yourself the unimaginable pleasure of buying this…you won’t regret it.” — Michael

A super popular ChomChom pet hair remover

See how much hair it picks up from a white couch on TikTok!

Promising review:This thing is magical andI wish I had found it sooner. Even the most stubborn of dog hairs that have been seemingly woven into the fabric of your couch are no match for the ChomChom. The satisfying click of the roller will have you ChomChom-ing every surface you possibly can, while your dog looks at you in cold betrayal for removing his precious fur deposits. He plots revenge against this new nemesis, revenge that is doomed to fail from the start, because the ChomChom is far too powerful. Meanwhile, you are transfixed by the serotonin rush filling your brain as your ChomChom fills with more and more hair, leaving a path of de-furred sofa in its wake. The dog barks in disapproval. You smile, finally sitting on fur-free furniture for the first time in a long time. Maybe you’ll even have friends over now.” — Will

And a rubber broom to remove fur

Check it out on TikTok! Reviewers say using short, quick strokes is the most effective way of extracting the most pet hair from your rug.

Promising review: “So of course I saw this product on TikTok…and added it to the list of things that TikTok made me buy.But I’m very glad that I did. I have a Siberian husky who sheds a LOT…and in all seasons. I use this on my carpet before vacuuming and it loosens up the hair so easily that my vacuum never got. I never realized I had that much dog hair caked into my carpet until I used this!” — Alyssa Frey

A bottle of cuticle repair oil

See someone apply it on TikTok!

Promising review: “This product literally changed my life!! Not only does it smell AMAZING (vanilla-y?) but it also WORKS! I never leave reviews but this worked so well for my brittle nails I just had to! After destroying them from lifelong nail biting and fake nails, my nails used to be so brittle and hardly grew.After using this (even semi-inconsistently) for less than a month my nails are stronger than ever and even have grown past my finger tips, which has NEVER happened without fake nails or gel on top. My cuticles are softer and healthier and break apart less, making me bite/pick at them less. I also read reviews about people complaining about the small size. How much product do you need for NAILS!? The .25 ml is larger than some nail polishes I own and after using it for a while I’ve barely made a dent. Cannot recommend more!” — Katie

A TikTok-famous Diamond Dazzle jewelry-cleaning stick

Watch someone demonstrate how they use it on TikTok!

Promising review: “I absolutely love this product. I saw it on TikTok and figured I would give it a try. My grandmother passed away almost eight years ago, and she left me her first engagement ring in her will. I have tried so many jewelry cleaners, toothpaste and toothbrush, you name it, tried everything except for sending it away to get cleaned. I ordered the Diamond Dazzle Stik on Thursday and it arrived the following Saturday, fast shipping! Today is Sunday and I cleaned my ring with the Diamond Dazzle Stik. My ring is just as shiny as it was when my grandfather bought it for my grandmother many many years ago. I will definitely use this Diamond Dazzle Stik on all my jewelry. Highly recommended!” — Heather

A highly sought-after Bissell Little Green cleaner

Check out the amount of nastiness it was able to extract out of someone’s couch on TikTok! It comes with a tough stain tool, HydroRinse self-cleaning hose tool and a trial-size Spot & Stain with Febreze Freshness formula.

Promising reviews: “We’ve used this countless times on our couch for baby stains, and we always end up with the couch looking like new. Yesterday the dog had diarrhea throughout the living room, and it worked magic to get the stains out of the rug. I am so glad we have this!” — Victoria Grogan

“This vacuum is amazing. I first heard of it on TikTok where people were using it to clean their stairs, mattresses, car seats, etc. and from the videos, it already looked amazing, but considering how dirty my dining chair cushions were, I was a little bit apprehensive and skeptical. I purchased the item and used it on my chairs for the first time and the results were SO AMAZING. I posted photos for reference of how dirty my cushions were before the cleaning and after the cleaning! Best vacuum I’ve ever used. I even bought a second one!” — Davina

A Korean microdermabrasion mitt

Watch someone use it to remove their self-tanner buildup on TikTok!

Promising review: “These mitts are magic! I was skeptical at first because I’ve tried so many things to get rid of dead skin, and nothing really worked. (And if it did, my skin turned really red!) I used one of these after soaking in the bath a while and it just sloughed away all the dead skin without feeling like I sandpapered my skin. It was gentle but powerful. I’m 100% happy with this purchase!” — Keely

A pack of washing machine cleaning tablets

See it in action on TikTok! The tablets are safe to use with pretty much any type of washer: HE or regular, top-loading and front-loading. Simply place one tablet in your empty washing machine and run a normal wash cycle, then wipe away the residue. Easy breezy!

Promising review: “These are like magic! We all know that front load washers can get a distinct smell to them after a while. Every once in a while I pop one of these babies in, run it on self clean, and let it go. As soon as it’s done, it’s like I have a brand-new machine. The scent isn’t strong, no more than your average detergent. I swear by these. I highly recommend them to friends and I highly recommend them to you, too!” — Alyssat17

A hairbrush cleaning brush

Watch someone use it to clean their Revlon Hot Air Brush on TikTok! Reviewers recommend giving your brush a good soak in warm water after using this tool to make it shine!

Promising review: “It seemed ridiculous to buy a brush for my hairbrush, but this really works! I had recently bought a new hairbrush and I was shocked by the amount of fuzzies and dust that it accumulated so quickly — it looked dirty! I found this and scrubbed my regular hairbrush and all the lint/fuzzies came out. The bristles are very stiff so I was worried about damaging the boar bristles in my hairbrush but it didn’t at all. I feel like my hairbrush is a lot cleaner now!” — Kate

A box of Mighty Patch blemish patches

Check these out on TikTok!

BuzzFeed Shopping’s Ciera Velarde says: “I’ve used this specific brand for years now and have found them to be the best at reducing the size and redness of breakouts! Whenever I notice a zit popping up, I put one of these one right before bed, and it stays put all night, even when I toss and turn a lot. By morning, it’s much less noticeable and is practically nonexistent when I cover the zit with makeup. It’s such a great practically zero-effort way to treat blemishes!”

Promising review: “I heard all about these on TikTok, so I decided to order. I switched my birth control and was having a ton of breakouts, these are amazing! They helped me stop picking at my face and my skin is so clear now. Will always have these in my house from now on!” — Kiara Galloway

A cult-favorite TubShroom

Hear why this person calls it a “must-have” for your bathroom on TikTok!

Promising review: “I hardly ever write reviews, but this thing is so amazing I had to share. With every shower I take, I shed a TON of hair and stick it to the wall so that no hair goes down my drain. I thought this method was working out well but my drain was continuing to stop up. I figured it must be my sister’s fault since I was so good about not letting any hairs go down the drain, but I went ahead ordered the TubShroom after seeing advertisements on Facebook. I got this thing and after only two showers, it collected a crap ton of my hair that I didn’t catch. It really is so easy to install and wipe away the hair, exactly like the videos. Awesome invention, and I’m super happy with this purchase!” — Megan K.

An adorably aggressive microwave cleaner

See how easy it makes wiping down someone’s microwave on TikTok!

Promising review:I moved into this house over a year ago and haven’t been able to get the gunk out of the top of the microwave, no matter what I’ve tried. Used this ONCE and it’s more than halfway gone!! SOOOOOO HAPPY!! Didn’t have to scrub very hard or anything, it just came right off. It’ll need another time or two of use before it’s all the way gone, but I can’t tell you how impressed I am. It smells like vinegar when you’re done, but not for very long. Super easy to use and definitely worth the money.” — briona

A set of cleaning brushes that work with your power drill

Check it out on TikTok! And here’s a drill if you need one. These brushes comes in different colors and bristle textures: white is a soft bristle that best for wheels, carpets, upholstery, glass and leather; yellow is a medium bristle best for bathrooms, bathtubs, shower, tile and porcelain; green is a medium bristle best for kitchens, stoves, cabinets, countertops and linoleum; blue is a medium bristle best for boats, pools, canoes/kayaks, hot tubs and plastics; red is a stiff bristle best for outdoors, siding, brick, garages and gutters; and black is a hard bristle best for grills, loose paint, furnaces, ovens and industrial use.

Drill Brush is a small business that was founded by Anthony LaPolla, a former electrician with carpal tunnel who developed this tool as a way to clean while avoiding painful scrubbing.

Promising review: “Bought these on a whim and was skeptical if they would really help, but man am I glad I did! They made cleaning our glass shower door and fiberglass shower a breeze! Don’t really want to admit how long it had been between cleanings, but the shower shined like it never had before (even with using tough elbow grease and a standard bristle brush). No issues with the brushes leaving marks, but definitely want to err on the side of caution on how long you stay in a spot. Used the large flat circular brush for the door and walls, and the round toilet bowl type brush worked great in the corners and on fixtures.” — Molly

Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed

And a power scrubber with an oscillating head

Watch it cut through build-up on what might be the grossest shower of all time on TikTok!

BuzzFeed Shopping’s Natalie Brown is a fan of this: “I’m obsessed! This thing works small miracles: I cleaned about half of my bathroom’s grout to its original sparkling-clean cream color in 40 minutes, and it took honestly no effort at all. And — as if easy, sparkling grout wasn’t enough! — it busted through some serious soap-scum buildup in my bathtub (thanks, fancy soap and slow-draining tub) in less than a minute. Honestly, when I first tried the scrubber out, I didn’t see too many uses for it other than for grout. But after owning it for a while, I’ve realized that while I don’t need it every single week, it’s priceless for the occasions I encounter tough gunk that I’d otherwise only conquer with excessive patience and elbow grease.”


A handy little purse-cleaning ball

See how well it works at cleaning the bottom of a bag on TikTok!

Promising review: “I found out about this little gadget from a TikTok video, and I thought I’d give it a try. I usually keep some sort of snack in my purse, and as much as I try to keep the containers sealed and to keep my bags clean, I inevitably end up with those annoying little micro-crumbs at the bottom. As soon as I ordered this ball, I put it straight into my purse, and within a day or two, it was already time to wash it! It picks up a lot for being so small! Pro tip: To open it, squeeze the thick ring around the middle and it should pop apart pretty easily. Rinse off the sticky ball part with just water, then put it back together and let it air dry for a couple of hours. Good as new! I highly recommend this product. Whether you have kids or not, bags just get lint and teeny tiny little crumbs over time. Buy it!!” — Sarah Couv

Britt Ross / BuzzFeed

A plant-based stainless steel cleaner

Check it out in action on TikTok!

As our Brittany Ross says: “I’m gonna cut right to the chase and say that if you have so much as a stainless-steel toaster in your house, you NEED this cleaning spray. Despite having heard nothing but rave reviews about it for months and months, I only just ordered it a few months ago to prep my kitchen for holiday hosting — nothing like having your family point out all of the streaks on your fridge! 🙃

“I’d been hesitant, because everything else I’d tried up to that point hadn’t been effective — either the streaks and fingerprints would be back the second I touched a handle, or the so-called “cleaners” would create even ~more~ streaks as I wiped. That being said, I don’t know what kind of fairy dust this plant-based spray is hiding inside, but it made my mucked-up fridge sparkle within a MINUTE! I was skeptical when I first sprayed it onto my fridge because it took a second for the streaks to start fading, but lo and behold, there was *zero* residue left behind after a super brief wipe sesh. Once I saw how downright dazzling my fridge looked, I decided to put it to the ~real~ test — my filthy dishwasher. Again, a minute of buffing with a microfiber towel was enough to make it look like a brand new appliance, and it worked wonders on the greasy stainless steel edges of my oven, too. Oh, and it legit smells like lavender, which makes me look forward to cleaning! I can confidently say I will never be without at least two bottles of this magic spray in my house for as long as I live.”

Emma Lord / BuzzFeed

A bottle of Drop It to help eliminate sulfites and tannins in wine

See why this person highly recommends it on TikTok! It works with any type of wine, and one little bottle will last for up to 55 glasses!

Drop It recommends 1–2 drops for each glass of white wine, 2–3 for a glass of red, and 7–9 if you’re treating the whole bottle at once. Once it’s in the glass, swirl lightly for 20 seconds, and enjoy!

Promising review: “I became really sensitive to wine in my 30s and through a lot of trial and painful error, I thought I might have to give up on wine altogether. Then I found out about the preservatives being a possible cause and decided to give this product a shot. So glad I did!! I’m still pretty sensitive to reds but this helps tremendously so that I can have a glass with dinner without a headache immediately settling in. Whites cause me no problem whatsoever! I love that it takes so little product to make a difference to a whole bottle. Just a few drops, a few minutes and we are good to go.” — CastawayIrons

A foaming garbage disposal cleaner

See it in action on TikTok!

Promising reviews: “This thing is AMAZING. I thought I had fruit flies and tried everything from apple cider vinegar and soap to those sticky traps for plants. I even resorted to waving those things around my kitchen to try and get them to stick. Nothing worked, until my research led me to suspect drain gnats. I shoved one of these down the disposal (super easy to use), and boom. No more smell, no more drain gnats, and no more waving sticky paper around like a human pinwheel. Now I use one a month religiously — and for $4, why not give it a try! 10/10 would recommend.” — SK

“Wow, I love using this disposal cleaner. Nothing grosses me out more than the smell that comes from a dirty disposal. Not only do these make your disposal smell amazing, but it is so satisfying to watch the blue foam rise from the disposal into the sink and know that this cleaner is working on getting rid of all the nastiness stuck down in there. I honestly get so excited to use these. Buy them!” — Megan S.

An all-purpose stain spray

Watch a mom of two little boys use it to remove stains from a top, mattress and comforter on TikTok!

The Hate Stains Co. is a small biz that was founded by a parent who set out to create a stain remover that was nontoxic but effective.

Promising reviews: My son had a white shirt that he covered with spaghetti — I know, right, what was I thinking, white shirt and red sauce with a toddler. I had already washed this shirt with no treatment and dried it, I’d obviously forgotten about the stains, so I was super bummed thinking this shirt was a goner. Then I tried the Emergency Stain Remover, I sprayed it on before washing and all the stains were removed — looked like a brand-new shirt. I really like this product and will be buying more in the near future.” — Crystal

“I bought the smallest bottle because I wasn’t sure how good of a stain remover this product was, but I have to say that this little bottle of stain remover works like magic. I used it to take old dog urine stains off my white carpet and it worked! What a surprise. I also took some other old, dark stains off the carpet with it that didn’t come off with other carpet cleaners. It works better than any of the other carpet cleaners that I have used and now I will be trying it on some other items that are stained. I can’t say enough good things about this product.” — Diane Merritts

A bottle of SoCozy curl spray leave-in conditioner

Watch someone’s before-and-after on TikTok! It’s designed to work on all hair types, and reviewers with 2a–4c curls love it!

Promising reviews: “Amazing!! I had NO idea that my frizzy-haired little girl had beautiful curls. I went down an Instagram rabbit hole and saw a similar girl show how her frizz was curls. I ordered this!! My mind has been blown!! This has changed our lives. It smells so good! It is easy to use and air dry. Before my daughter woke up with terrible bed head that looked like this! Now it is gorgeous soft curls. We will definitely buy again and tell everyone about this product!!” — Amazon customer

“This product is lightweight and doesn’t weigh your hair down. I am Black with 4c hair, and it works great!” — takila addison

A bacteria- and virus-killing Clorox Toilet Wand starter kit

See why someone who hates cleaning their toilet says this makes doing the job feel a lot more sanitary on TikTok! The kit comes with a wand, six refill sponge heads filled with Clorox, and a storage caddy. The wand has a convenient button you can use to dispose of the used sponges in the trash, and the sponges are uniquely shaped to fit under the rim of your toilet.

Promising review: “I love this!!! I have three toilets and cleaning them is no fun. I also have well water with a filter, so salt, iron, and calcium buildup fast on my toilets. It’s ugly! This little wand had me skeptical but it impressed me! My toilets are sparkling and it’s mess free! No more ugly toilet brushes in my washrooms! Best invention ever!” — Christina Eno

A set of machine-cleaning K-Cups

See why this reviewer loves them so much on TikTok!

Promising review: “Shockingly amazing! I tried everything to clean and descale my Keurig but it had reached the point where nothing would even come out. I set it aside in hopes that one day I could find a miracle treatment. After reading reviews, I decided to give this a try and WOW!! Water started flowing with the first pod! I ran a second one just for extra cleaning. So glad I didn’t throw my machine away! I’m thrilled with this purchase and highly recommend.” — JN

And for your travel mugs, a box of bottle cleaning tablets

See why this person named this one of their “things you need from Amazon” on TikTok! And check out BuzzFeed Shopping’s Bottle Bright deep dive for more info.

Promising review: “Despite being diligent and rinsing my bottles out, they do tend to accumulate funky color, slight odor, etc. and generally just get gunkier over time. I heated up a pot of water, filled a few bottles, dropped one of these into each, and 15 minutes later most were sparkling clean, good as new. A few of the worst needed to be left a few hours/overnight, but in every case these pills worked magic. I also tried one just for kicks on my stainless steel lined coffee pot, over five years of daily use with filtered water, monthly descaling process, etc. but still showing browning inside, and one pill cleared all the stains away.” — C Stevens

A highly-rated CeraVe hydrating cleanser

Watch someone test it out on TikTok!

Promising reviews: “Got this after seeing a recommendation on TikTok. It’s been a lifesaver for me. I have dry, red, sensitive, acne-prone skin. Most cleansers strip my skin, but not this one. It’s been helping keep my skin clear while not drying it for a few months now. If you have dry skin, this is a must!” — L Ashburne

I have very sensitive skin and problems with blackheads and clogged pores. I’d been struggling to find a cleanser that would help eliminate my breakouts without irritating and drying out my face. Well I have finally found it! CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser is by far the best I have ever tried. It gently cleans and hydrates at the same time, and has definitely helped with getting rid of my blackheads and large pores, leaving my skin soft and glowing.” — L Ann Blanch

A bottle of Oh Yuk jetted tub cleaner

See how much gunk it gets out of someone’s jets on TikTok! Oh Yuk is a family-owned small business based in Minnesota that specializes in chemist-formulated cleaning products for home appliances, from dishwashers and washing machines to hot tubs and jetted bathtubs.

Promising review: “I honestly did not think this was going to work any better than some other methods I had tried. Boy was I wrong. Followed the instructions and watched in disbelief as the gunk and the grime started surfacing in the tub. Let it run its course, drained the tub, then filled it with cold water, ran the jets for 10 minutes, and it was like brand new. Every now and then you come across a product that actually works, this being one of those. BTW it hardly has any smell, which also surprised me.” — JJS in Madison

And finally, a foot file

See how much dead skin one person was able to remove from their husband’s feet on TikTok (maybe don’t watch while eating!).

Promising review: “I have purchased every callus cream on the market and it has been a waste of time and money. This simple device is a miracle worker. The callus on my big toe is very, very hard and the nearby callus along the side of the foot, while not as large and hard, is also difficult. I have used this device three days in a row, taking off a little at a time and not applying pressure. I apply lotion before and after using it and both areas show substantial improvement. It is important that you do not rush this process. Just a little at a time. Remember how long it took for that callus to form! Because I have been gentle and careful, I have no pain. Cleaning is simple. I wholeheartedly recommend!” — desertdragonfly