Indian food comes in at number 11 on TasteAtlas’ worldwide food ranking, above the cuisines of South Korea and the United States.

The top 100 international cuisines have been unveiled and the food of India has been added to the list as well, surpassing that of the USA, South Korea, and Thailand.

India is home to a wide variety of delectable meals, including aromatic curries that have won over many people’s hearts. Whether a person eats a vegetarian or non-vegetarian diet, Indians are masters at maximising the flavour of any vegetable or ingredient, producing cuisine that is both deeply rooted in tradition and constantly changing with creative twists. Indian cuisine has been ranked as the 11th best cuisine in the world by TasteAtlas, a Croatian online reference for experiencing travel, based on assessments of individual dishes and culinary products. In this esteemed rating, Italy held the top slot, with Greece and Japan following closely behind.

Indian cuisine has ranked as the 11th best in the world according to TasteAtlas, outperforming cuisines from the USA, South Korea, Lebanon, and Thailand. Brazil came in at number twelve, while Peru came in at number ten. According to TasteAtlas, “Based on 395,205 (271,819 valid) dish ratings and 115,660 (80,863 valid) food product ratings, these cuisines have recorded the best average ratings for their respective top 50 highest-rated dishes and food products.”

According to TasteAtlas, Italy, Japan, Greece, Portugal, China, Indonesia, Mexico, France, and Spain were the top nine cuisines. TasteAtlas has listed the top 100 foods in the world, with Butter Garlic Naan coming in at number seven, Murgh Makhani (Butter Chicken) at number forty-three, Chicken Tikka at number forty-seven, and Chicken Tandoori at number forty-eight. Dishes like stir-fried Phat kaphrao, flatbread Roti Canai, Brazilian beef cut Picanha, pizza Napoletena, and guotie dumplings were at the top of the list. According to TasteAtlas’ website, “These 100 dishes received the highest ratings out of 10,927 catalogued dishes, based on 395,205 user ratings (271,819 valid).”

Although being ranked eleventh among the 100 Best Cuisines by TasteAtlas is a noteworthy achievement for Indian food, it is not the first time that the globe has acknowledged its culinary excellence. Indian chef Prateek Sandhu was tasked with creating the first meal for the international attendees of the 2023 Cannes Film Festival. The menu included delicacies like Millet Thoran, Malvani-style Sole Fish, Potato Koshimbir, Bengali Sandesh, Mysore Pak, and Kashmiri Kahwa. In their list of the Best Street delicacies in the World, TasteAtlas also featured Indian street delicacies like tikka, dosa, chole bhature, and Amritsari kulcha.