In an age of rage, Roger Stone could be the avatar of the times. The self-proclaimed provocateur, Stone is known to wear a t-shirt reading “Trump 2020: F**k Your Feelings.” That credo was on display this week with an attack not on Ron DeSantis but on his wife, Casey. The reason? Casey often refers to her children, a common point of reference for possible first ladies. However, the highlighting of the DeSantis children sent Stone into a signature tirade, including using  a coded word for c**t to refer to Casey. Stone is a diehard supporter of Donald Trump. Nothing says unhinged, recreational rage like attacking a mother for referencing her children.

Stone posted “Casey Desantis campaigning: ‘I have a 6, 5 and a 3 year old’ ‘I have a 6, 5 and a 3 year old’ ‘I have a 6, 5 and a 3 year old’ ‘I have a 6, 5 and a 3 year old’ ‘Did you know I have a 6, 5 and a 3 year old?’”

“SeeUNextTuesday,” replied Stone, using the common slang for the vulgar word (it is meant as a type of acronym beginning C-U).

Potential first ladies tend to talk about their families and the personal life of a candidate. Casey DeSantis has a compelling story to tell as a cancer surviver who has raised two daughters and a son. These are young children who might call the White House their home. Many people are interested in that personal or family side of candidates.

Slamming the DeSantis couple and family references is coming from both sides. The media has largely maintained unrelenting criticism of DeSantis that has at times extended to his wife, who was described on the Daily Beast dismissively as a “Walmart Melania.” On far-left sites like the DailyKos, she is constantly attacked, including criticizing her wearing of high heels in some pictures. Of course, many of these authors post anonymously so that their rage does not cause any backlash to themselves. At least Stone posts under his own name.

These types of personal attacks have become the norm in our politics, but it will only continue if good people remain silent. Many enjoy the rage. While professing great injury or cause, they like it because it gives them license to say and do things ordinarily avoided by decent people. We enable such rage by remaining silent or shrugging it off as the new normal.

Stone comes off like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’s “child catcher” who takes maniacal glee in finding and exposing children. Stone appears to have the same mission in spotting references to the DeSantis children.

I understand that campaigning spouses like Casey DeSantis must expect public scrutiny and criticism for their political claims and positions. Casey DeSantis has enraged the left over her advocacy of traditional family values and her criticism of certain transgender policies in sports and other areas. Likewise, adult children who engage in criminal acts, influence peddling or corruption are obviously legitimate subjects for public debate.

However, vulgar attacks for just discussing one’s family should be beyond the pale. The minute we shrug off these attacks as the new normal, it will become the new normal. We should demand more from politicians and pundits alike.