REC Solar Panels

REC is a Norwegian solar company that’s best known for its high-performance and premium panels. Their reputation for quality is backed by a solid warranty that’s among the lowest in the industry and an impressive low claims rate. Their solar panels aren’t the cheapest, but they don’t look cheap either and are well-made with a sleek design that adds to your home’s curb appeal.

Using a unique twin-panel design, the REC N-peak 2 series is one of REC’s most powerful panels. Using n-type and PERT technologies, these panels can deliver up to 330 Wp with a 60-cell panel. Designed to withstand hot conditions, these panels are ideal for Arizona homes. REC also has advanced cell technology that uses additional wiring to improve the flow of electricity across the panel and reduce power losses from the edges.

Another feature is a new connection system that eliminates soldering joints. Soldering is one of the most common causes of panel damage and efficiency loss, so this improvement should help ensure your REC panels last longer and perform at their best for the long term.

Other innovations include a patented cell technology that uses additional wiring to improve the flowing of electricity across the panel and reduce power losses at the edges. Additionally, REC Alpha Pure panels have 132 solar cells compared to the industry average of closer to 96, which helps them generate more energy even when shaded or at higher temperatures.

Like all solar panels, REC products are built to be durable and can last for decades with minimal maintenance. REC’s 25 year product and performance warranties are some of the longest in the industry and can be doubled to 35 years for installations completed by a REC-certified installer.

REC Solar Panels – Why You Should Consider Installing REC Solar Panels

If you’re interested in going solar with REC, your first step is to find a local installer that offers a comprehensive solar proposal that includes an assessment of your home and a detailed breakdown of all costs. Once you’ve signed your solar proposal, your installer can file for permits, place the order for your REC panels, and schedule installation. Once your system is installed, you’ll start saving money on your energy bill right away!

When considering a solar power investment, REC Solar Panels emerge as a compelling choice, offering a host of advantages that make them stand out in the renewable energy landscape. Renowned for their cutting-edge technology and commitment to sustainability, REC Solar Panels ensure a reliable and efficient source of clean energy for your home or business.

One key feature that sets rec solar panels apart is their superior efficiency in converting sunlight into electricity. With advanced engineering and high-quality materials, REC panels maximize energy production, ensuring you get the most out of every ray of sunlight.

Durability is another hallmark of REC Solar Panels, designed to withstand diverse weather conditions and deliver consistent performance over the long term. Backed by rigorous testing and industry-leading warranties, these panels provide peace of mind, making them a reliable investment for the future.

Moreover, REC is committed to sustainable manufacturing practices, prioritizing eco-friendly materials and processes. By choosing REC Solar Panels, you not only contribute to your energy independence but also align yourself with a company dedicated to minimizing its environmental footprint.