The Indian Premier League (IPL) chairman Arun Dhumal indicated that the league’s journey of success over the last 15 years should potentially drive its media rights value to USD 50 billion in the next two decades. The media rights for the IPL have grown from INR 6,000 crores to INR 48000 crores and the league is only second to the National Football League (NFL) across all sporting leagues in the world. Dhumal believes the widespread popularity and success of the league will act as a catalyst in its evolution over the next 10 years.

The IPL 2023 opening ceremony ended with MS Dhoni and Hardik Pandya coming to the stage in chariots and then posing for a photograph with the IPL trophy, alongwith Jay Shah, Arun Dhumal and the performers.(AP)

“If I have to see how it has gone over the last 15 years and if I have to go by estimates going forward, we are expecting media rights to go somewhere close to USD 50 billion by around 2043. Going forward, we need to keep innovating, keep doing better in terms of fan engagement, and keep making it better in terms of the quality of games. Now that cricket is becoming part of the Olympics and with the Women’s Premier League taking it to a different level for women’s cricket, I see a lot of hope and light at the end of the tunnel. Because of the way it has been happening for the last 15 years, it is only going to get better,” he said at the RCB Innovation Lab’s Leaders Meet India on Thursday in Bengaluru

RCB Innovation Lab’s Leaders Meet India has brought together the biggest game changers from across the sporting world, offering a truly global perspective on the present and future of the sports industry and how India can become a powerhouse in the business of sports.

Dissecting the role of IPL in earning India a different reputation from the entire world, Arun Dhumal commented, “IPL is the most-watched cricket league in the world. We have fans across the world and when they come to watch, they get to see the diversity and culture of India. They will watch a match up North down South, East to West, because teams are spread all across the country. We are a very diverse country in terms of different states, different cultures, and different languages being spoken but this is one platform which is rooted so well that you are able to showcase in India to the globe.”

Prominent stakeholders from all across the world shared their excitement and sparked conversations regarding the emergence of India as a sporting giant on the international stage at the first-of-its-kind summit which is a groundbreaking initiative of RCB Innovation Labs.

While talking about the fan insights and engagement of IPL and its franchises, Arun Dhumal lauded Royal Challengers Bangalore’s extensive fanbase by mentioning, “We work as a team with all franchises, we are all partners. We have seen at the recently held World Cup games, that they (fans) were there for Team India, but at the same time, they were rooting for RCB also, which is a great thing and we are very proud of that. Personally, I feel IPL is the best Make in India brand we can think of post-independence.”

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