Housewarming Party Decorations

A housewarming party is an exciting event to share with friends and family as you welcome new neighbors into your community. Whether your new home is an old one or a newly constructed dream home, you’ll want to give the occasion some extra special attention to make it memorable for all of those invited. Choosing a theme, decorating for the season, and including some fun games are all great ways to help your guests get acquainted with your space.

One of the most important things you can do to prepare for a housewarming party decorations is to make it easy for guests to RSVP. If you don’t provide an email or text option, your guests will likely forget to let you know if they’re coming or not—which can be frustrating for hosts. You can easily fix this by switching to evites or asking people to RSVP via a text message, which will send a reminder automatically and eliminate the chance that your guest might forget about your party.

It’s customary for housewarming attendees to bring gifts to celebrate your new place. If you’re not going to accept gifts, state that clearly on the invitation so that your guests don’t feel obligated. If you are, it’s helpful to create a list of items that you’d like to receive and have your guests write their names and well wishes on them throughout the evening. When the night is over, you’ll have a lovely keepsake that will remind you of your guests for years to come.

Housewarming Party Decorations

Depending on the time of year and weather conditions, you may want to take your party outside. This is a wonderful way to show off your gorgeous yard or patio and also serve some fresh-baked cookies and beverages. A s’mores station can be a fun addition to any outdoor gathering, and your guests will appreciate the opportunity to toast marshmallows and eat scrumptious chocolate in your garden or backyard.

For a low-key but still festive theme, go with a color party. Pick a couple of colors that will be featured in the rooms in your new house, and then set out food, drinks, and decorations to match those hues. You can even ask your guests to dress in the color of the day to add a fun and interactive element to the celebration.

If you love arts and crafts, hosting a painting or sewing class is a fun housewarming party idea that will leave you with something to hang on your wall or use in your kitchen when the event is over. You can invite a professional instructor or simply set up a few tables with canvas and paints for your guests to enjoy. When the night is over, each person will have a work of art to take home and cherish. It’s a simple and meaningful touch that will have your guests smiling every time they walk into your new room.