Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. We started the day with our annual Turley Turkey Bowl — running over 50 years of unbroken tradition. We returned to prepare our big family feast. We do traditional fare with a turkey, stuffing, cranberry, Waldorf salad, pumpkin pies and all the rest. We should be in a food coma in time to watch the NFL games.

Our Turkey Bowl always features the Bears against Washington. I will, of course, proudly coach the Bears. The game ended in a tie of 7-7. There were the usual allegations against the Bears coach of fixing draft selections, misrepresenting down counts, and other infractions. While my past requests for a flyover from the Pentagon have gone again unanswered, we proceeded to have a potluck feast on the field with donuts, muffins, hot chocolate, coffee, and other morning fare.

Today we are not smoking a turkey because my grill is broken and I could not get the new burners in time for the repair. However, we have a huge bird stuffed with my an apple and corn bread stuffing.

We have all of the kids with us despite three in college and one in medical school. We now have dozens of regulars from the neighborhood with many having attended since they were small kids.

The Turkey Bowl is now an occasion for all of these kids to see each other on break from their various jobs and schools. It is an amazing moment to see them all together, having watched them grow up. I am so happy that the Turkey Bowl has become part of their return home each year. They all turned out pretty darn good despite our best efforts.

For most of us, this holiday remains a day of family and friendship — a moment of needed pause from the divisions and strife around us on a daily basis. That is why it is my favorite holiday. Thanksgiving is about maintaining the connections that have shaped our lives and perhaps making some new ones.

I am also thankful for our extended family on this blog, which has continued to grow at a record pace. Many of our readers are in countries that do not celebrate Thanksgiving, but we are indeed thankful that you continue to join us and share your views on the blog.

So best wishes for a wonderful holiday from my family to you and your family. So Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!