The Beatles and The Rolling Stones have had a jokey rivalry for over 60 years and it’s clear they buried the hatchet long ago.

Sir Paul McCartney recently played a distorted bass for the punk track Bite My Head Off, on the band’s new album Hackney Diamonds,

This was the first time Macca has contributed to a Rolling Stones song with Sir Mick Jagger and Keith Richards since 1967’s We Love You.

And now footage from the studio recording has been released as part of an official lyrics video for the song.

McCartney had been invited to join the session by producer Andy Watt, who was simultaneously working with him on his new album.

Interestingly, McCartney could have ended up on another song but it happened to be Bite My Head Off that day.

In a new post, the 81-year-old Beatles star told fans: “I had a blast playing with the Stones on this session. Rockin !!”

At the Hackney Diamonds album launch, Jagger told fans: “Paul was amazing. I’d sung with Paul before. I was playing guitar, he was playing bass. He was great on it. He was amazing.”