Last Updated: December 22, 2023, 17:20 IST

Android’s file transfer tool will be getting a new name soon

Android users got the file transfer tool that lets them wirelessly share files between phones and even PCs.

Google could rename the wireless file transfer feature for Android users in the coming weeks. Reports coming in this week suggest Nearby Share will soon be called Quick Share with a new icon part of the changed system.

It seems the company is making the change to associate with the feature, and frankly, Quick Share is a better name compared to Nearby Share which has served its purpose over the last few years.

You can use the file transfer tool on Windows as well these days, which makes it a suitable Mac-alternative for millions. The new change is coming and it seems Google doesn’t have any particular reason to make this move but that’s quite common with the company which renamed other platforms and even merged them to suit its business. While the file transfer tool works well, we would like to see improved security for users, especially when the feature is turned on and they don’t know about that for their phone.

Quick Share is still limited to beta users via Google Play Services but others should be getting it in early 2024 bundled with the next Pixel Drop update. Another prominent feature expected with Android 14 is battery health indicator which could alert you when it is time to change the battery on your smartphone.

Android phones could soon gather information from their batteries and share it with the OS to help users track battery health information. The initial work in this direction was done with Android 14, but the report adds that this may finally materialise with the launch of Android 15.

This development comes after Google launched the December 2023 feature drop update for its Pixel smartphones. This update, notably, brought a new battery information page that lets users gauge their battery cycle count and the manufacturing date of the battery.