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The new version of Alexa with AI is smarter and helps with accurate results.

Amazon introduced the AI avatar of Alexa last year but finally it is coming to the Fire TV devices working through the bundled remote.

“Alexa, find me the best movies from Brad Pitt in the 90’s,”

That’s what Amazon is now bringing for the Fire TV devices, thanks to its own version of LLM or AI models that are trained on data about movies, songs and more. Amazon had first showcased its own AI tools at the big AI event last year and we are finally seeing its results for the end user. Fire TV devices include the Fire TV Stick, Fire TVs and other Fire TV OS powered products from the company.

Amazon AI Update For Fire TV Devices: What We Know

Amazon claims that its new AI search engine combined with the vast library of movies and shows makes it easy for the user to get accurate results for the most random topics. The Fire TV AI version responds to your voice prompts, something that we are going to see more often with other AI chatbots powered by voice in the near future. You can press the Alexa button on the voice-powered remote and make your search using voice.

“Fire TV’s new AI-enhanced search combines artificial intelligence with Fire TV’s extensive entertainment content and app library, enabling you to find personalised TV show and movie recommendations using natural language,” Amazon explains the new feature in its post here.

Amazon will be offering the AI features to select Fire TV devices that are compatible with FireTV OS version 6 or later. It is coming to the Fire TV devices in the US for now but we expect the update to be offered in other important Fire TV markets for the company.

Here are some of the prompts that the new AI-powered Alexa can help the Fire TV users with:

– “Find sci-fi TV shows about time travel.”

– “What movie has the line, ‘Life is like a box of chocolates?’”

– “Find the mystery movie set on a private island.”

Amazon feels that Alexa is already equipped to handle the demands of the AI evolution and its LLMs are now powering the AI voice assistant with more nuanced data. During the demo of the new-look Alexa, Amazon also showed us the changing conversational tones making it sound more human-like, another trend we are seeing more often with these AI assistants.